What is an application letter?

apply now2 An application letter is a document where you state your interest in a job, scholarship or something similar. Competition can be tough, so your application letter needs to stand out. Here is what you should include.

Structure of the text:

  1. The address and contact information of the sender. If you are writing an email, you include your contact info at the bottom, after your signature.
  2. The address of the receiver
  3. The date
  4. A polite greeting, for example:
    • Dear Sir/Madam, Dear Mr Brown, Dear Mrs Johnson
  5. a) Explain why you are writing the letter and introduce yourself.
    b) Information on your background
    c) Explain why you think you are suitable for the job/ scholarship/ position
    d) If applying for a job, you should include when and how much you are able to work.
  6. Closing politely, for example:
    I am looking forward to hearing from you, Thank you for your consideration
  7. Polite ending, for example:
    • Sincerely, Yours sincerely

It is always important to tailor your application letter to what you are applying for. Some advertisements may require you to provide specific information. It is therefore very important to read the ad carefully, to make sure you include what is asked of you.


What you should include in all application letters:

  • Polite phrases: phrases that show respect for the person you are addressing. This is very important in formal letters.
  • Transition words: words that bind the text together.
  • Positive words: words that help you "sell" yourself. Remember, an application is supposed to make the employer interested in you, so you need to tell him/her all your positive traits!

dont forget Some dos and don’ts:


  • be polite all through your application
  • use positive words that show your positive sides
  • be careful to include all the information they ask for


  • use abbreviations: write “do not” and “I am” not “don’t” and “I’m”
  • write much longer than a page. The application letter is to get you an interview, so it should be short and precise.