Written exercise and role play

Role Play
Two pupils, A and B
A You are the General Secretary of Farnham Council for Voluntary Service, and your task in this case is to interview the applicants for the job as development worker in your community (see the advertisement below). The person who has written the application you have in front of you may look fine, but you suspect that he/she is after any kind of work. He/she may not really care about racism at all. You decide to find out ... (Prepare questions for the interview.)
B You have applied for the job as development worker with Farnham Council. Prepare for the interview by checking through a survey of your experience in this sort of work, and by planning some sensible things to say about the nature of racism and how it can be fought. Make notes, but remember that you should not use notes too much in an interview!
Conduct the interview.

The advertisment:
Farnham Council for Voluntary Service
Development worker
Salary Scale: £10,569–£12,297 p.a. inc.
We are in need of a development worker to help us to develop non-racist procedures and practices within our Voluntary Service and develop an anti-racist strategy. Applicants should have an understanding of the nature of racism and development of anti-racist strategies.
An understanding of the development of equal opportunities policies would be an advantage.
Applicants should possess tact and good communication skills.
The post is funded by the Home Office for 2 years from the time of taking up appointment.
Application to be sent to:
The General Secretary
Farnham Council for Voluntary Service
The Crescent
Farnham F2
Farnham is an equal opportunities employer. We welcome your application which will be considered on merit, irrespective of race, marital status, sex or any disability you may have. The post is open for job-sharing.