Shortcut - Talking Course 4: Discussion and Debate

When two or more people are talking together, we call it a conversation. If the conversation becomes more serious and focuses on one topic, we could call it a discussion. In a discussion people may agree or disagree.

When we take part in a discussion, we have to be able to make suggestions, express opinions and agree or disagree. Here are some phrases that might be used:

Making suggestions
Let’s…/ How about…?/ Would you agree that…?/ What if we…/ I suggest that…

Expressing an opinion
I think…/ I feel…/ The way I see it…/ If you ask me…/ In my opinion…/ I’d like to point out that…/ I strongly believe that…

Expressing agreement
Yes, I agree/ That’s true/ I see your point/ You’re absolutely right/ I couldn’t agree more/ That’s what I was thinking too.

Expressing disagreement
I don’t agree/ I don’t accept that/ Yes, but don’t you think that…/ That’s not entirely true/ I disagree.
There are also some very informal ways of disagreeing, like No way!/ Are you crazy?/ Oh, come on!/ That’s ridiculous!/ What absolute nonsense!

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