Shortcut - Talking Course 3: Speaking on the Phone

phone call Speaking on the phone in a foreign language can be challenging. It can be less challenging if you are prepared with some vocabulary and expressions.

Answering the phone:
Hello?/ How can I help you?/ Good morning.

Introducing yourself:
Hi Marjorie, it’s Bill calling. /Hello, this is Bill Bloggs calling.

Asking to speak to someone:
Is Bill in?/ Is Bill there please?/ I’d like to speak to …/ I’m calling about

Making requests:
Could you repeat that, please?/ Could you spell that for me, please?/ Can I call you back?

Taking a message:
I’m afraid he’s not here. Can I take a message?/ I’ll let him know you called/ He’s not in. Who’s calling?

Ending a conversation:
OK. Bye now/ Talk to you soon/ Thank you for calling. Goodbye/ Thanks very much for your help.

Remember when you are on the phone in a work situation to be polite, friendly, speak clearly, don’t eat or drink while on the phone and concentrate on the conversation!