Football Rivalries

Paul is researching football rivalries for a school project and he asks an online discussion group for help. Here is a conversation he had with one of his online friends:

Paul: Hi! I am looking for information for a school project about football rivalries. Can anyone help me? I need some good ideas to get started.

Conor: Hi! You could write about my hometown, Glasgow. There are two teams in Glasgow, Celtic and Rangers. Celtic supporters are Catholic, while Rangers supporters are Protestant.

Paul: So what is the rivalry between Rangers and Celtic about?

Conor: It is a conflict about religion and politics. It has been going on for over a hundred years. It started when Catholic Irishmen immigrated to Scotland. Rangers fans sing anti-Catholic songs at matches, and Celtic supporters sing anti-Protestant.

Paul: Aren't the clubs trying to stop them?

Conor: Yes, they are. Both clubs claim that they are trying to stop the singing, and Rangers have banned several hundred supporters during the last decade.

Paul: Have there been any other serious conflicts between the clubs?

Conor: A former Celtic manager, Neil Lennon, received parcel bombs and bullets through the post. He was also the subject of anti-Catholic internet abuse, and he was attacked by a fan during a football game in May 2011.

Paul: That's really serious!

Conor: Yes, it is so serious that the Scottish Government has gotten involved. It is creating new laws to stop violence based on religious difference at football matches and on the internet. The new laws say that those being violent or encouraging others can be jailed for up to five years.

Paul: This is very interesting! Thanks for the help with my project, Conor. I have lots of good ideas for what I can write about now!

Celtic (green/white) and Rangers (blue) players in action in one of their famous Celtic (green/white) and Rangers (blue) players in action in one of their famous "Old Firm" derbies.