The word "chav" is a slang word used across the United Kingdom to describe people who dress and behave in a certain way. It is not a polite word, so never call anyone in the UK a chav!

The descriptions below are intended to be humorous, but perhaps they are also unfair to the people described as chavs? Is it right to place people in groups, such as chavs, goths, etc., based on how they look? Should we rather think of each individual person instead of judging a whole group? Think about this while you read.


Who are chavs?

Chavs are young people who are not working or in education. They are often living off benefits with no chance of getting a job soon. Many people in Britain see Chav culture as a huge social problem.

The Urban Dictionary is an online dictionary where people can upload their own definition of slang words. Here is one person's definition of the word "chav".


The Urban Dictionary:

Stereotype of a chav Stereotype of a chav Chavs can be found the length and breadth of the country, hanging around any junk food shop or off-licence, or just hanging around the streets. Chavs can be loud and aggressive in public and involved in crime and violence. They pass the time by vandalising property, shouting abuse at passers-by and terrorising old people.

Appearance: Chavs have a strict dress code. Designer labels are everything, although fake items are normal. Typically, the male chav will wear a hooded top, baggy tracksuit trousers, white designer trainers, and a baseball cap by Burberry or Nike.

The female chav will have blonde hair pulled so tight into a pony tail that her forehead stretches. She will wear a dark blue tracksuit with white stripes, an enormous jacket, hoop earrings, and white trainers. All chavs must wear as much fake gold jewellery as they can fit on their bodies.

Mobiles are an added status symbol, and when talking on the phone, the chav must shout into it as loud as possible, using at least one swearword per second.