Shortcut: The five Norwegians

norway map Jonas wants to be a cabinet maker. English will be important to him because he might work with people who don’t speak Norwegian. He says he needs to improve his writing skills in English.

Elise wants to work in a home for the elderly. She will need good English skills to understand articles about health topics. She wants to get better at understanding spoken English, so that she will communicate better with foreign patients.

Yasmeen wants to work abroad as a sound engineer and use English as her working language. She needs to improve her language because she makes too many mistakes. She also wants to become a better reader.

Hans wants to be a long-distance driver and drive abroad. He needs to be good at communicating. He enjoys speaking the language but wants to get better at understanding written English.

Sandra wants to be a fashion designer, and English is the language of fashion. She hopes to communicate with foreign clients, so she wants to improve her talking and listening skills. She thinks grammar is fun.