Role play: Why work?

Work in groups of three. Write a role play where you discuss the question “Why work?”

Here are the roles:

Student A:

You are very negative towards working. You really don’t want to work at all, because there are so many other things you’d like to spend your time on.

Student B:         

You are eager to find a job that challenges you, where you feel you are able to use your skills, and where your efforts mean a lot to other people.

Student C:         

The only really important thing to you is whether the job pays well. And besides a high salary, there should be other assets, like fringe benefits (frynsegoder).


a) Together write down your lines (replikker/replikkar).

b) Rehearse them so well that you can say them almost without looking at your script.

c) Perform your play in front of the class, or make a recording of it and play it to the class.

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