a) Book review

When you have finished a novel, skim through it again and note the following points:

  • Main characters
  • Setting
  • Summary of the plot and the theme
  • Parts you liked
  • Parts you found disappointing

Ask yourself some questions:

  • Did the characters come alive to you?
  • Was the action well planned?
  • Could you picture the setting?
  • Did the plot drag on?
  • Were there any confusing parts?
  • Was the ending believable and satisfying?
  • Did you enjoy the book?

Now put your notes in order and write the review. Give good reasons for your comments and be fair with criticism. Give a brief outline of the plot without giving away the end.

Would you recommend the novel? To whom? Why or why not? Give your review a catching title.




b) Film review

A film review is similar to a book review in many ways (see above), but there are some differences:

– Obviously, the actors and the way they play their parts will often get more attention than the characters themselves

– Furthermore, a story in a film is told through pictures and music. Observe how the film is directed and how the various scenes are shot

– If the film is based on a book manuscript and you have read the book, you could comment on differences between the book and the film

– Other than this, it is common to include a summary of the plot and state what you consider to be highlights and/or disappointing parts of the film

– Conclude with a comment on whether or not your readers should go and see the film.

– Find a catchy headline for your review