Ethics: Extra listening text with tasks

seal Here is your chance to get more listening practice. Listen to the text, and then do the tasks below. The text deals with ethical questions.



Most foreigners think of Norway as an environmentally friendly country with picture postcard nature and abundant wildlife. While this is certainly true, many people have raised their voices critically against certain practices allowed by the Norwegian government and would claim that Norway is anything but nature friendly.




Understanding the text

  1. Why have environmental groups criticized the Norwegian government?
  2. What must hunters have in order to receive permission to hunt seals?
  3. Why has the Norwegian government decided to allow seal hunting?
  4. During what periods will seal hunting be restricted?
  5. Does Greenpeace think that tourists will be attracted by the possibility of seal hunting? Why or why not?
  6. Why are animal-rights activists already angry with Norway?


  1. Do you think more tourists will be attracted to Norway if they are allowed to hunt seals? Is this an untapped tourist resource?
  2. Some fishermen claim that there are just too many seals and that this in turn harms the fishing industry. What is your reaction to this argument?
  3. Would you consider joining Greenpeace or a similar organization? Why or why not?
  • Seal-hunting becomes Tourist Sport in Norway 3:00