Listening: Chapter 5

Here are the listening texts for this chapter that are available online. You will also find them with the chapter texts along with tasks.

The texts "From British Empire to Commonwealth", "Bollywood: The Global Cinema", "Transmission", "Extreme Sports in New Zealand", "Does My Head Look Big in This?" and "The Ten Things that White People Should Know about Black People" are on the Tracks Teacher CDs.



  • I Love My Country 4:52
  • Shortcut: Transmission 2:33
  • Shortcut: Extreme Sports in New Zealand 2:33
  • The All Blacks 3:56
  • Australian National Holidays 4:33
  • Shortcut: Does My Head Look Big in This? 3:02
  • My Country 5:33
  • South Africa Has It All! 2:36