Football quiz

Use the football links given below to find answers to the questions.



a) Work in groups of three students. Compete with other groups. Which group will be the first to complete the quiz?

You know who this is, right? You know who this is, right? 1) Where and when was FIFA founded?

2) Who is the President of FIFA?

3) What is CONCACAF?

4) What’s the name of Charlton Athletics’ goalkeeper?

5) What are the names of the two teams from Bristol?

6) Which team came 16th in the Premier League last season?

7) What’s the latest news about West Bromwich Albion?

8) What colours are the home shirts of Manchester City?

9) In what league can you find Yeovil Town FC?

10) What’s the nickname for Atherstone United FC?

b) Create your own football quiz. Let another group struggle to find the answers!