Web Teaser: Class Survey

What is your class like? Are you all around the same age? Do any of you come from a foreign country? How many of you are single? How many aren’t? Do you have any work experience?


class survey 2 Work in groups. Copy and fill in the table below – "Information about the class". To do this, you will need to ask your classmates some questions. Before you start, find out what questions to ask by looking at the table.

There are five questions. Write them down. The first one is done for you.

  1. How old are you?


You can now use these questions to fill in the table you have copied. Start with your own group. Then ask the rest of the class.


Information about the class


Number of students in class:








6 etc.


















Country of origin:








Single or has boyfriend/ girlfriend:








Work experience:








Use the information in your table to find out:

  • the average age of your class
  • the number of different nationalities in your class
  • whether there are any students who have Norwegian nationality but were born in another country
  • whether the majority of students in the class are single or not
  • how many students have no work experience


Compare your answers in pairs and present your findings to the class. Try to make your presentation interesting and clear.

class survey